Stenbury Sea Explosion

d.o.b. 18.11.1998
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear 21.02.2008
Breeder: Anne Nerell, Sweden




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SU(U)CH Okej's Explosive Symphony NUCH Graceline's Enston NUCH Mjaerumhögda's Crusader FINUCH Noravon Cornelius GBCH Nortonwood Faunus
Styal Simone
NORDUCH Gitles Natascha NUCH Camrose Voravey
NUCH Gitles Fredrikke
Graceline's Face to Grace NUCH Gyrima Zacharias Sandusky Bartholomew of Gyrima
Gyrima Genevieve
Birdcherrys Grace Kimbalee Buenes-Aieres
Åsebygårdens Christabel
NUCH SV-90 Dewmist Syretta SUCH NUCH INTUCH Sansue Golden Arrow GBCH Gaineda Consolidator of Sansue Glennessa Escapade
GBSHCH Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda
GBSHCH Sansue Wrainbow Gyrima Moonlord of Rockwin
Sansue Gillian
Dewmist Shadow of Your Smile NUCH Gyrima Zacharias Sandusky Bartholomew of Gyrima
Gyrima Genevieve
NUCH Sagacious-Maid Gyrima Moongleam
Dewmist Sunwing Surprise
NUCH Perrimay Fadilla GBSHCH Stirchley Saxon GBCH Nortonwood Faunus GBCH Camrose Cabus Christopher GBCH Camrose Tallyrand of Anbria
Cabus Boltby Charmer
Nortonwood Fantasy of Milo GBCH Sansue Camrose Phoenix
GBSHCH Amber of Milo
Sansue Wanda of Stirchley Gyrima Moonlord of Rockwin GBCH Nortonwood Faunus
GBSHCH Gyrima Pipparetta
Sansue Gillian GBCH Sansue Tobias
Sansue Contasia
Perrimay Sea Fantasy Sansue Castalian GBSHCH Styal Shelley of Maundale GBCH Nortonwood Faunus
GBCH Styal Susila
Rossbourne Party Piece of Sansue GBCH Westley Topic of Sansue
Rossbourne Breeze
Stenbury Sea O'heather of Perrimay GBCH Styal Scott of Glengilde GBCH Nortonwood Faunus
GBCH Styal Susila
GBSHCH Stenbury Sea O'dreams CB CH Camrose Cabus Christopher
CB CH  Nomis Portia Of Stenbury


Janson is a very happy and lovable character and a big personality.

He makes our day every morning when he comes to wake us up. He is always ready for action.

Janson hasn't been shown much because he seems to think that there are more important things

to do in life... like for example running as much and fast as possible in the fields and forests :)

We are very pleased to own him.