Gladtail Burning Love
24.2.1996 -28.3.2010
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear
Breeder: Anne Pasanen, Laukaa Finland



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INT FIN EST CH ESTV-94 Karvin Touch Of Brandy FIN CH Gildas Touch Of Gold Honey Queen’s Bull’s -Eye Kimbalee Buenas-Aieres
Honey Queen´s Persinality
Gildas Remarkable Rebecca Wedford Gingerbread Man
Elegance of Yeo
FIN CH Karvin Classic Cosmona INT NORD CH Mjaerumhögda’s Classic Sound FIN CH Norovon Cornelius
Gitles Natascha
FIN CH Karvin Queen Secreto Nortonwood Secreto
FIN CH Greenglen Golden Gown of Lislone
FIN LV CH Bammelohren Dear Lady Twist FIN CH Dream Max Summer Bear Nortonwood Secreto Nortonwood Checkmate
Westley Sabrina of Nortonwood
Bianca-Bewine Morsgrisen Max
FIN CH Bammelohren Amazing Beauty INT FIN N CH Of Stigellhouse Deniro of Woodhill Jeremy
of Woodhill Dorina
FIN CH Dinky April Harebell Apports Lightfoot
FIN CH of Woodhill Adelina